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This website presents additional information to the monograph The Riddle of Literary Quality: A Computational Approach by Karina van Dalen-Oskam, published on 26 June 2023 by Amsterdam University Press and also available in open access through OAPEN. A longer version of the book was published by AUP in 2021 under the title Het raadsel literatuur: is literaire kwaliteit meetbaar? The companion website to the Dutch version can be found here.

The “>”” in the red circle on the left top of the page leads to the overview of colour versions of the graphs published in the book, with additional graphs and information. Many of the graphs have interactive features. The tab “News” contains general information about the monograph and “Reviews” presents an overview of reviews of the book and other kinds of responses. “Data and R Package” list information about the litRiddle R package that contains all data that may be shared and which can be used to replicate and verify the research presented in the book. It also provides a link to cvs files of the data tables.

The site is developed by Joris van Zundert. It contains contributions by Karina van Dalen-Oskam, Joris van Zundert, Maciej Eder, and Saskia Lensink. For remarks, mail Karina van Dalen-Oskam. More information about Karina can be found on her personal webpages at Huygens Institute and at the University of Amsterdam.

Last updated 26 July 2023.